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Viticulture Essential Upgrade Pack
Viticulture Essential Upgrade Pack
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Upgrade from the Second Edition to the Essential Edition. Tuscany owners already have these components.

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This pack upgrades a Sencond-Edition copy of Viticulture to the Essential Edition. these components are also included in the original Tuscany expansion pack. The Mama and Papa cards offer players a variety of starting resources; the Field cards allow for money to be made early in the game when it is most needed; the Visitor cards give players a several choices to enhance their strategies at different times in the game, and the Automa cards enable solo play.

Deze box bevat:
  • 36 Mama and Papa Cards
  • 18 Field Cards
  • 38 Summer Visitor Cards
  • 38 Winter Visitor Cards
  • 24 Automa Cards
  • Rulebook
Let op: Indien je beschikt over de Viticulture Essential Edition, heb je deze componenten al. Ook als je de oude Tuscany (niet de Essential Edition) hebt, heb je deze componenten al.

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